About Us

ArtCity was founded by Charly Swing in 2016 with the intention that it will be a living work of ever evolving Social Sculpture. Charly’s concept is that ArtCity is a ‘place’ for artistic practice in which the community works collaboratively to empower artists who create change through art, participating in the circular process of utilizing art to influence change while simultaneously transforming ourselves and our relationships through art as art. 


In 2020 Charly conceived of ArtRising and partnered with Willow Norton and John Baumann with the intention of creating a project that directly focusses on social impact and community engagement. Art leaders in diverse creative mediums curate submissions. That same year Charly invited ArtCity board members and committed volunteers to work with her in developing ArtCity Friends, a giving circle that provides a venue for the community to be more deeply engaged and invested in collectively impacting transformative change through art.


ArtCity is welcoming and inclusive. We understand and acknowledge that systems of oppression and discrimination are interdependent and span all social categorizations such as race, class, gender, ability, parental status, size, age, and sexual orientation as they apply to a given individual or group.