Charnel Mulligan Park Community Mural

Neighborhood volunteer Stacy Morris (formerly Zinniker) led the project and it simply would not have happened without her tireless dedication. David C.P. Placencia, founder and Director of Wheelhaus Art Studio, designed and did the primary artwork with the help of his students and over 30 volunteers working over 200 hours. We would like to thank Sean O’keefe for the use of his fence, Rick Brown for the mural installation, John DeLuca who came up with the pollinator idea, as well as Rodda Paint for donating all the paint. Also, special thanks to Forrest Paint, Jerry’s Home Improvement Stores, Cornucopia, BRING, and Autohaus for their generous support.

The mural is titled “Honey Forever” in honor of the artists stepmother who passed away from cancer during the project’s final stages (her nickname was Honey).

We hope to both expand this mural along the fence line and schedule an annual event celebrating pollinators and gardening.

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